Arca Valves

Arca Valve digitizes for improved customer service

What the Customer wanted

Arca Valves is a German manufacturing company that produces pneumatically and electrically activated control valves for industries. Most Arca Valve customers call to find out about specific documents for their orders and projects. With the increasing number of customers this process became a bottleneck for the customer relations team, hence, they needed a self-service solution for their customers. 

Proposed Solution

The customer’s files and documents were all stored on internal local networks, which were not readily available to the public. To enable users to access their information from outside the internal network Scynett suggested a custom-built search service which was to run within the network and to scan the entire filesystem across many different servers for the needed files and documents. 

To make the search service available to users outside the network a Reverse-Proxy was to be implemented to enable access to the service on the local network.  

All requests and searches were to be authorized and redirected from the Proxy Service to the search Service. 

To allow users to interact with the solution, a responsive web solution was suggested to enable the use of both mobile and desktop systems. 

High Level design for proposed solution


Scynett delivered the solution based on the architectural design as shown in the figure above. The search service, including the client facing service, was implemented using ASP.NET MVC. The Reverse Proxy was implemented on a Windows Server. 

The decision to use these technologies was based on the client’s infrastructure and tools availableThe aim was to build a solution that would integrate the client’s technology landscape. 

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